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PLTU Cilacap

The construction of mega coal-fired power plant (PLTU) Cilacap 2nd Phase Expansion project with capacity of 1,000 MW (1×1000)

Indonesia is aiming to build additional electric power sources generating 35 gigawatt by 2019 in order to meet its increasing power demands. The power plant is located in Kesugihan subdistrict, Cilacap Regency, Central Java province. The coal-fired power plant is one among eight mega power plant projects being or to be developed by the country.

The project start with pilling work for as a foundation for power plant facilities. Concrete piles material is supplied by Wika Beton from Boyolali concrete factory in Central Java.

Total pile need for foundation structure in the project approximately 25000  piles which use for 6279 piles point, each point use 4 segment of 15m concrete spun piles diameter 600mm.

Spun concrete piles are manufactured by centrifugal compaction process which gives uniform and assured strength with high reliability with usage of 52Mpa concrete compresive strength. It a economical deep foundation system with consistent and superior quality compared to cast in situ & other concrete piles.

The installation process and method of installations are equally important factors as of the design process of pile foundations. pile installation methods are installation by pile hammer or combination with boring by mechanical auger. When the pile installation has satisfied the Specification requirements, the concrete of the head of the pile is cut off to the level specified.