WIKA Beton Won 2 Awards in 2 Prestigious Occasions in a Day

 WIKA Beton Won 2 Awards in 2 Prestigious Occasions in a Day

WIKA Beton won 2 awards at two different prestigious award events, i.e. as Bronze Winner "Promising Company in Branding Campaign" in the category of Subsidiaries of State-Owned Enterprises in BUMN Marketeers Awards event at Kota Kasablanka Grand Atrium and as one of the winners of Indonesia Most Creative Companies 2018 at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta (2/5/18).

BUMN Marketeers Awards 2018 is the 5th year award ceremony initiated by MarkPlus by inviting 115 State-Owned Enterprises (SEOs) and Subsidiaries of State-Owned Enterprises to participate. The theme taken this year is "On Becoming Significant World Class Player".

The award ceremony in the field of marketing was held to give appreciation to the SOEs and their Subsidiaries who implemented effective marketing strategies in managing products, brands and customers. Implementation in sales, service, and branding campaign tactics were also appreciated as these three elements were directly perceived by the customer.

Another award event, Indonesia Most Creative Companies 2018 is a prestigious event initiated by SWA featuring creative companies in Indonesia entitled "Becoming The Winner in Disruption Era through Sustainable Innovation" this year. The companies that were crowned as creative companies by SWA were those who continuously created innovation to answer the challenges of the present era in order to keep growing and developing.

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