This is the WIKA Beton Work Safety Standard

As a pioneer on the concrete industry in Indonesia, WIKA Beton clearly prioritizes security and safety in every construction activity. Not only security and safety for workers, but also for people who will later use the facilities built by WIKA Beton.
Safety Standards in the Work Environment
WIKA Beton uses company safety standards based on the OHSAS 18001: 2007 Safety and Health Management System. Based on the system, WIKA Beton provides a safe and healthy work environment. This safe and healthy work environment includes business locations, facilities, facilities and infrastructure for all employees.
Implementation of Safety Standards in the WIKA Beton Work Environment
In its implementation, the security standards applied by WIKA Beton are carried out in every operation. In their daily lives, WIKA Beton implements various Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems (SMK-3) in accordance with applicable regulations in an effort to provide optimal protection for employees from things that threaten the safety and health of employees. In an effort to prioritize K3, WIKA Beton has gained achievements in the form of Zero Accident Award and several certifications related to K3.
This Security Standard is Carried out by All WIKA Beton Employees 
The implementation of security standards in the WIKA Beton work environment is carried out by all WIKA Beton personnel, from management to field workers based on SMK3 principle. The participation of each element is one form of WIKA Beton`s efforts to improve work performance and the level of safety and health in the WIKA Beton work environment.
WIKA Beton has the principle that not only are the products safe to use, but the work environment must also be safe and ensure the health of the workers.


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