WTON Mobile Application Brings WIKA Beton to Champion in 2018

In an increasingly advanced era, the need for digital information has indeed become a necessity. Both the millennial generation and the previous generation need information that is fast, accurate and flexible to support the pace of their mobility. An answer to the needs of these generations is the digital platform. Thanks to digitalization, there is no need to wait long for information which can be obtained in just a matter of seconds

Quick information needs makes WIKA Beton create the mobile WTON application
Deciphering this need, WIKA Beton also helped develop its wings. One form of service in such a way as to ensure that employees can be better connected and be mutually open to information, WIKA Beton has launched an application called WTON Mobile. This application was first launched on 23rd March 2018 and already available both on Google Play and the Appstore.

Curious? Here`s a further look into WTON Mobile 
WTON Mobile is an application created by WIKA Concrete specifically for its employees. In this application, employees not can only access the latest information related to the project, but also share prices, turnover of contracts and sales and even have access whilst on annual leave! So WIKA Beton employees face no difficulty in finding information about their leave balance.  Since the time it was launched until now, this application has undergone several updates.  The most recent version is version 2.3.

Thanks to the WTON Mobile Application, WIKA Beton won an award in the IT field
Not only one, but WIKA Beton won two awards at the same time because it successfully launched a special application for its employees. The award was the ‘Top Telco’ Award as Top IT on WTON Mobile App and Top Digital Transformation Readiness given by IT Works Magazine in 2018. The choice on WTON Mobile was high appreciation of WIKA Beton to its employees in the field of digital transformation. Amazingly, this application was developed and designed specifically by an internal team from WIKA Beton itself.


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