Disaster Relief of Selat Sunda Tsunami

 Disaster Relief of Selat Sunda Tsunami

WIKA Beton along with the WIKA Beton Employees Association (PPWB) moved quickly to distribute aid in the form of staple food and daily necessities including milk and baby food, baby essentials, as well as toiletries to residents affected by the Selat Sunda Tsunami at one of the refugee points in South Lampung on Monday, December 24, 2018. The distribution of this assistance will continue to be carried out gradually until the condition recovers.

Until December 25th, 2018, WIKA Beton and WIKA Group are still coordinating to re-distribute assistance in the form of basic necessities to baby essentials to tsunami-affected victims in Banten and Lampung regions. In addition to providing assistance, WIKA Group also mobilized heavy equipment to assist the evacuation of victims from the rubble.

In terms of facilities and infrastructure, WIKA Beton encourages PLN to accelerate recovery of the electricity network in the locations affected by the Selat Sunda Tsunami by deploying cranes & several sets of equipment, from a number of vehicles and also sending a team to install concrete electric poles along Tanjung Lesung Beach.

The activities carried out in synergy with PLN have been carried out shortly after the disaster struck, that was on December 23, 2018 and still continues until today. Not only intervening in the installation of concrete poles along the coast, WIKA Beton team also distributed PLN electricity cables, one of which was to Sumur from PLN Post on Karoeng Beach.

In addition to assisting PLN in restoring the electricity network, other WIKA Beton teams continue to actively distribute the basic needs of affected residents such as blankets, worship equipment, tents, sleeping mats, to emergency lights both directly and through the BUMN Cares Post on the following days.

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