Instagram-Themed Photo Booth at Indonesia Infrastructure Week 2018

Since its first launching, Instagram has indeed garnered significant attention, especially from the millennial generation. This visual-based social media is indeed different compared to other similar media. In addition to having a fairly complete feature, the content inside is also interesting and eye-catching, so much so the term "Instagramable" emerges from the uploading phenomenon.
WIKA Beton also adapts the term Instagramable 
Last November, WIKA Beton participated in a grand event in the construction world called Indonesian Construction Week, which took place at JIExpo Kemayoran. At the grand event held every year, WIKA Beton performed stunningly because in addition to carrying the theme of construction sites similar to the construction sites in the field, WIKA Beton also provided a special booth for photography using Instagram frames.
WIKA Beton Booth was Well-frequented
The fascination of Instagram is still in the air. Instagram-themed photo booth from WIKA Beton at the Indonesian Construction Week event was packed with visitors who wanted to capture the moment while visiting there. In fact, it is not uncommon for young people taking photo-shoots in order to join or become members of the WIKA Beton family!
The Instagram-themed photo booth was proof that WIKA Beton is concerned about the millennial generation who were interested in the concrete world.


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