To Make Millennials Aware of the Concrete Industry, WIKA Beton Participated in the 2018 Construction Exhibition

This was the 2018 Construction Exhibition, held at the Jakarta International Expo 
Besides fulfilling Indonesia`s construction market to be more developed, this exhibition was also aimed at embracing millennials as the successors of this field. In line with that, WIKA Beton also participated in enlivening the event for the 16th time. Not only providing information, WIKA Beton also displayed an atmosphere like being on a construction site.
President Jokowi made time to come and visit WIKA Beton Booth
The construction exhibition, held on a large scale, was also attended by a line of influential people in Indonesia. One of those who visited WIKA Beton booth was President Joko Widodo. He even wore a project vest and helmet as a form of support for the participating exhibitors.
WIKA Beton Booth was crowded by millennials 
The main target of the 2018 Construction Exhibition was indeed intended for experts in the construction field. However, WIKA Beton believed that it was also important for millennials to obtain information regarding construction and the concrete industry. The proof was that since day one, the WIKA Beton booth was always crowded with enthusiastic millennials. There were countless questions they asked the WIKA Beton team.


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