Electronic Quality Control (E-QC): WIKA Beton’s Latest Innovation

 Electronic Quality Control (E-QC): WIKA Beton’s Latest Innovation

PT Wijaya Karya Beton Tbk. (WIKA Beton) is back with another innovation, a consistent tradition since the first conception of the SOE subsidiary up to this day. In the company’s Bogor Laboratory, 29 March 2019, electronic Quality Control (e-QC) was launched. It’s an web and Android-based electronic application whose function is to provide information system based on digital data to control the quality of concrete produced by the plants (and also ready-mix products). The system is developed as part of WIKA Beton’s integrated   ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) program.

The application was developed since last year to tackle all the challenge in quality control evaluation. Previously, precast concrete products are being recorded manually and it brings difficulties in documentation process, it’s both draining too much time and resources, not too mention the to quality control on the rapidly diverse products. Data history becomes hard to track.

The development of e-QC is cooperated with Universitas Gadjah Mada as the epitome of the company’s ‘link and match’ program with educational institution.

The application was officiated by Manager of Research and Development, Ir. Gambiro MT by symbolic activation of the software in all level. The ceremony was also attended by Manager Engineering, IGN Harry Sumartono ST, Manager of Bogor Precast Concrete Plant, Adrian Marcel ST, and partner from Universitas Gadjah Mada, Ir. Aminullah MT. PhD.

In his speech, IGN Harry expressed his satisfaction on the application’s ability to find out testing results wherever, only by utilizing internet network. The tester doesn’t have to be there physically, neither ask for the data from the plant. Other advantages is the statistics served by the application, which shows examination results, such as: highest and lowest strength interval on precast concrete, data pattern of concrete quality, identification of production quality, data bank of the testing, etc.   All these data record will be available for long term. During the 6-month trial period since September 2018 which consists of approximately 5.000 items of various precast concrete products in Bogor plant as pilot project.

For further development, the e-QC will continue to be developed to other plants, RMC unit, mobile plant and other production facilities. Through the e-QC system, the aim is to control all batching plant activities, connecting all production machines in all facilities in one network, real-time, to track their activities: idle information, on progress, used capacity, etc.

“It doesn’t stop at e-QC, the development for quality control will be further developed on electronic Quality Product (e-QP) which will cover other quality assurance aspects for a fast decision making, all for the satisfaction of customers in this Revolution Industry 4.0 era,” Gambiro stated.  

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