Gelagar Bridge, Part of the Long History of WIKA Beton Products

WIKA Beton, as one of the subsidiaries of PT Wijaya Karya (Persero), Tbk (WIKA), is part of a company expansion that focuses on the precast concrete industry. In 1977, WIKA began to concentrate on the precast concrete industry by developing precast concrete panels for low-rise housing projects. Since then, WIKA has been determined to continue developing precast concrete products in anticipation of development plans and emerging infrastructure projects. One of the products produced from the development is the girder bridge.⁣

The word Girder itself is taken from English, namely Girder. The girder bridge is the most common and simplest type of bridge in Indonesia. Basically, it consists of horizontal beams, with each end supported by abutments. Meanwhile, a longer girder bridge (multi-span) must be supported by additional structures, namely pillars. The number of pillars used is adjusted based on the bridge plan.⁣

The girder bridge has existed for thousands of years in various forms, such as rays, arches, and swings, and the ancient Romans were known as one of its pioneers. This type of bridge has been built by humans since ancient times, with an initial design that was far simpler than what we can see today. As technology advances, the girder bridge methods have been improved, so that the general public can now find precast concrete girders. Precast concrete is concrete that has been printed at the factory before being taken to the construction site of a bridge or flyover and then installed using a girder crane.⁣

There are several types of girders or girders used in Indonesian infrastructure:⁣

1) I-Girder⁣

I-Girder is one of the most commonly used girders in bridge construction. The I-girder bridge is more economical, easy to design, and build. In Indonesia, every girder manufacturer must have a mold for the type I-girder⁣

2) Box Girder⁣

Box girder is a box-shaped girder with wings on the top. Box girders are often used in the construction of overpasses and bridges that have a long span. The box girder production process is somewhat more complicated than making an i-girder.⁣

3) U Girder⁣

U-shaped girder beams have a feature that lies in the arrangement of tendon pairs in pairs. This arrangement requires pulling the cable strand on the Girder using two jacks at once.⁣

4) T-Girder⁣

In this type of Girder, the bridge girders and floor plates are fused. T-girders are often used for pedestrian bridges and can be arranged to have a longer span than I Girder.⁣

5) Voided Slab⁣

Voided Slab is a rectangular shaped girder with a cavity in it. Voided Slab has an advantage in construction speed because it (can) does not require a floor plate.⁣

The Voided Slab product is commonly used for short span bridges.

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