The Advantages of Concrete Compared to Other Construction Materials

In the construction sector, there are various choices of materials to be used. At present, one of the most favored construction materials is concrete, both for building construction on land and in areas directly adjacent to the waters. Why is this material seeded in the construction field?
Concrete Has a High Pressure Resistance
Concrete construction materials generally have the strength to withstand high pressure. Not surprisingly,  this one construction material is often the raw material for making a building, such as bridges, buildings, until the railroad sleepers. In the manufacturing process, the strength of the concrete to withstand pressure can be adjusted, like K-225, K-250, K-350.
Abundant of the Raw Materials in Indonesia
This construction material is mostly made from concrete sand. The raw material for concrete sand is abundant in Indonesia; it can be found anywhere, like a mountain and even to the bottom of the sea. So with abundant raw materials, concrete can be mass produced so that it can continue to be used as a building material.
Affordable Maintenance Costs
Concrete is one of the lowest construction materials with maintenance costs. After the hardened concrete after being produced, the structure will be similar to a stone so it does not require a large amount of maintenance costs as long as the reinforcement iron is in a good position and the rust will be prevented.
Durability up to More than 10 Years
Another advantage of concrete compared to other building construction materials is its durability. Talking about its nature, it seems that concrete is still in the top rank of concrete which is resistant to pressure, hard like rock and does not need much cost in maintenance. These two things cause concrete to survive in the long run. That is why many public facilities use concrete as its main material, such as bridges, high-rise buildings, railroads, to wave barriers on the beach.
Who else will continue the productivity of concrete in Indonesia if not us?


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