WIKA Beton collaboration with BPPT to Promote Indonesia

WIKA Beton also cooperates with various parties to support the success of a project, one of which is the Technology Assessment and Application Agency (BPPT). BPPT is a Non-Departmental Indonesian Government Institution that was established in 1978 and is under the coordination of the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education. BPPT is obliged to carry out governmental tasks in the field of technology assessment and application.⁣

WIKA Beton and BPPT carry the same spirit in terms of innovation, especially because WIKA Beton has the principle of `Innovation and Trust.` The results of this collaboration are also one of the factors behind the success of WIKA Beton projects.⁣

The collaboration carried out between WIKA Beton, and BPPT includes the assessment, development, and utilization of technology to support government programs in the field of transportation infrastructure and infrastructure. The program consists of the development of slab track products commonly used in railroad construction. Slab track is a sturdy and stable railroad infrastructure product with concrete material.⁣

Not only slab track, similar activities for different products have also been carried out between WIKA Beton and BPPT. Still related to the railroad industry, WIKA Beton carried out the certification of Railroad Bearing (BJR) products for the Jakarta MRT Project at B2TKS BPPT, Serpong. The certification was carried out while the Jakarta MRT construction was still ongoing. The results of this test also met the criteria and received a certificate from the Ministry of Transportation Directorate of Railways.⁣

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