Creative in Green Business, This is the Unique Step of PPB Majalengka

Awareness of the importance of green business or business governance in which companies do business is not only profit-oriented, but companies must pay attention to how the impact of business activities on the communities around the company operates, the affected environment, the use of resources in the company, and products produced. The company must also be responsible and must be committed to preserving the environment and the universe (planet) and improving social welfare to the people (people).⁣

WIKA Beton continues to strive to carry out the principles of Green Business; one example is the Majalengka Concrete Product Factory. When entering the living room of the office building in this factory area, a helmet rack made of recycled wood was seen, as well as meeting room tables, canteen chairs, light frames, stairwells, office cabinets, even gazebos in the office yard. Creativity in the use of used goods makes the absence of wood panels wasted in PPB Majalengka.⁣

Green Business Management has implications for Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle systems. Every WIKA Beton staff at PPB Majalengka is accustomed to working with the Reuse, Reduce and Recycle systems. This is proved by the distribution of waste based on type. Reducing energy consumption by using energy-saving lamps and turning off electronic equipment when not in use.⁣

Internalization of business sustainability principles in every business decision that is a Green Business criterion has also been fulfilled by PPB Majalengka, namely obtaining approval of AMDAL / UPL documents and UKL / DPPL No.4 / XII / KLH / 2008 dated 24 December 2008 concerning Recommendations on UKL -UPL Precast Concrete Product Factory Activities by the Company in Majalengka).⁣

In an effort to continue to be a business unit with a Green Business concept, PPB Majalengka provides an example of proper green business implementation, and hopefully, in the future, it can be emulated by other WIKA Beton business units.

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