Meanings of the 5 Projects Helmets’ Color Used by Construction Workers

On every activities, safety factors must be the main thing to be prioritized. Both activities are directly related to humans, nature and other things. One example is done by workers in the construction area; in order to maintain safety while working, they must use security protective equipment. Helmet projects are divided into several color types, based on one`s position.
Bright Yellow Color
The yellow color on the helmet of this project is used by general workers in the field or sub-contractors. Usually workers who use yellow helmets are also required to wear bright yellow vests when doing their work in the field
Blue Color 
Blue helmets are usually worn by field supervisors, technical operators, or temporary supervisors in the project area. The technical operators here for example are electrical technicians to experts in wooden buildings
Green Color
In accordance with the color, the green helmet is a safety device used by someone whose job is related to the environment. In the project area, they are environmental supervisors or environmental researchers. So people who wear helmets in green projects are usually the ones who know the most about the state of the project’s environmental side.
 Red Color
No, no, they`re not firefighters. Workers who wear red helmets usually occupy the position of a security guard in the project area.
White Color 
The white helmet is usually used by people who have high positions in the construction area. For example, for the positions of engineers, managers, supervisors or even the foremen of the workers. Those who wear white helmets also usually have greater responsibility and knowledge. So don`t hesitate to ask those who wear white helmets when they don`t understand the details about the development process.
Orange Color
Orange helmets are usually used by people outside construction workers who want to enter and review the area.


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