WIKA Beton`s Mega Projects in Indonesia

Construction of Semanggi Interchange, the Capital`s Icon

Since the middle of 2016, WIKA Beton has been committed to build one of the icons that lined up to become the second capital icon after Monas. In its commitment, WIKA Beton as the main contractor produces two main components in the form of precast concrete design and its production. The construction of the Semanggi Interchange was finally completed in 2017 and was the main attraction at the 2018 Asian Games. 

The New Hospital of St. Carolus Jakarta is Equipped with 3 Basement Layers

New building construction project for St.Carolus Hospital began in 2017 ago. There is something interesting and cool in this project because the hospital building is equipped with a car park located in 3 layers of basement. With the parking of cars in the 3 basement layers it is hoped that visitors will have no more trouble finding parking spaces. In addition, the hospital. St. Carolus was also built in 8 floors which are designed to be free of air pollution, noise and waste.

Skytrain at Soetta Airport is also One of WIKA Beton’s Projects.

Automated People Mover System, or better known as Skytrain, began operating in 2017. The development of this transportation system aims to support the operation of the train that connects 3 terminals at the busiest airport in Indonesia. As the main contractor to handle, by completing this project, WIKA Beton has confirmed its commitment to build infrastructure in Indonesia.

Not only in Java, but also in Sumatra! One of them is the Kualanamu Railway Flyover!

The Kualanamu Railway Flyway Construction is the first project to use segmental box girders in Medan. Segmental box girder itself is a high-level technology owned by WIKA Beton. The use of high-level technology is aimed at ensuring the project runs effectively because it is built on active railroads. Although the challenges faced are clearly higher, but WIKA Beton succeeded in completing this project by the end of 2018.

Finally, the Construction of the Jakarta MRT that Has Been Opened to the Public.

The Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) which has been long awaited by the people of the capital is one of the projects of WIKA Beton. The construction of Jakarta MRT uses concrete tunnels and box girders which are high-tech technologies owned by WIKA Beton. In fact, after the construction was completed, the project was still being retested by a consultant from Japan to be fully prepared when it was officially opened to the public.

These five projects are some of the many projects that WIKA Beton has done in principle of becoming #ConcreteExpert

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