Take a Look at the Disability Friendly Facilities on Jakarta’s MRT Stations

After a long wait, finally the capital city has its first public Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) transportation. Let`s look at disability-friendly facilities at this station.
Facilities in the Station
Disability friends no need to worry because from exterior, this special facility has been provided. For example, tactile blocks from the outside sidewalk to enter the station. This tactile block is a type of ceramic that has a special texture so that it can be used for special lines. In addition, the floor inside the station also uses non-slippery material.
For toilet and elevator facilities, the Jakarta MRT has also been prepared. In some stations later, special toilet facilities for persons with disabilities have been built and elevators for special needs. One more uniqueness, in the elevator there are also braille letters.
Facilities Inside the MRT

Not only on the station, but the MRT train itself has several facilities specifically reserved for friends with disabilities. For example, there are several block seats that are indeed provided for persons with disabilities in each of the cars. So there`s no need to worry about not getting a seat because this facility is already reserved. In addition, the platform and the train floor is also made parallel. It is intended so that passengers who use wheelchairs can also enjoy convenience when going into the train. 

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