Why is There a Ban on Stopping in the Middle of a Bridge?

Have you ever stopped in the middle of a bridge because you want to take a photo? Stopping in the middle of the bridge is prohibited. In order to better understand why you can`t stop anywhere in the middle of the bridge, first consider the reason below!
Vehicle Buildup will Occur in the Middle of the Bridge
If you stop in the middle of a road, your vehicle will pull over. What if there are more vehicles that stop and the road becomes narrow due to the accumulation of vehicles? This buildup of vehicles is one reason why bridge users are prohibited from stopping in the middle of the bridge. Because if this happens, the road can become jammed and cause inconvenience to other users.
The More Weight the Load is Supported by the Bridge
In addition to congestion, the more people stop in the middle of the road, the greater the burden on the bridge. In fact, each bridge is built with its own maximum load. If every passer-by wants to stop in the middle of the bridge just to take pictures and the burden of the bridge reaches the maximum limit, isn’t it dangerous? So, for mutual safety and convenience, it is better to hold back the desire to take pictures in the middle of a bridge.
Preventing the Loss of Important Elements from the Bridge
Another reason why there is a prohibition to stop carelessly in the middle of a bridge is to prevent the taking of bridge components such as bolts and iron by irresponsible parties. Besides being able to damage the aesthetics, the main danger that threatens is that it can reduce the security of the bridge itself.


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