Why is Project Site Restricted?

Project sites are usually easy to spot. One of the most striking features is the high fence that surrounds it and the banned entries that are printed in large. Because not everyone is free to go in and out, sometimes people get curious, what is it like inside a project site? Why can`t regular citizens just enter the project location?
Maintaining the Safety and Comfort of Workers and People Around the Project Site
Although the project is related to public facilities such as bridges, public transportation or other infrastructure, not everyone is allowed entry. It is done for the safety and security of workers who are carrying out their duties and also those around the project site. Generally, in many project environments there are heavy equipment and dangerous objects. If random people go in and out, they will try many things that can endanger themselves. So for the sake of the people, access to the project location is very limited.
There are Security Standards that Need to be Adhered Before Entering the Site
Even if there are some external people who are allowed to enter the project site, then they must obey the applicable rules. In addition, there are several safety standards that need to be adhered to, including having to wear a project helmet, a safety vest and special shoes when reviewing a location. And one more thing, every external party that enters the project location must be accompanied by the project officer itself, especially QSHE. all security rules and standards are obligatory to be adhered to for the safety of project site.
Minimizing the Chance of Work Accidents
A worker who has already worn a complete Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) still has the risk of having a work accident - especially unauthorized external people who enter the project location simply because they want to satisfy their curiosity. Departing from this, the ban on entry and exit of project sites began to be intensively implemented. In addition to minimizing work accidents, restrictions on access to project locations can also help facilitate the ongoing project development process.
This is all for our mutual safety and convenience.


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