Get to know about Girder box, One of WIKA`s Concrete Products

In the development of transportation infrastructure, the Precast Precast Girment Segmental Box is a type of girder commonly used for long-span bridge structures, and WIKA Concrete as one of the construction companies that are able to produce these precast concrete components. Girder Box has been widely used in several vital transportation infrastructures in Indonesia, such as Semanggi Interchange, Casablanca Non-Toll Flyover and Antasari Non-Toll Flyover, Kelapa Gading-Velodrome Light Rapid Transit (LRT), Toll Flyover A.P. Pettarani, Jalan Layang Kereta (JLKA) Kualanamu-Medan, and others.⁣

Box Girder has indeed become one of the primadonnas in the transportation infrastructure because the cavities that exist in these components make the burden on the upper structure reduced. In addition, the bridge with a cross-section box provides better torque resistance and is very useful for curved bridges.⁣

The Box Girder production system uses the match cast method to ensure continuity between segments. Concrete compaction process uses a combination of internal and external vibration systems. Box Girder installation can be done by various methods, namely the scaffolding system, balanced cantilever, or launching system or launcher.⁣

Some time ago, Box Girder produced by WIKA Beton again attracted public attention in the installation ceremony of the last segment at the Simpang Susun Semanggi project site, which was superior in the form of precast printed Box Girder with the longest span and had a curve with a small radius and relatively short installation time.⁣

In addition to the Semanggi Interchange Project, the WIKA Concrete Girder Box used on the A.P. Flyover Project Pettarani also attracted attention because the number of Box Girder used was quite fantastic, namely no less than 3,044 segments. In this project, WIKA Beton won the trust of PT Bosowa Marga Nusantara to act as a contractor that plays a role in the design of construction, production of precast concrete for foundation structures, and upper structures up to installation. WIKA Concrete`s contribution to this project is an effort to realize the vision of WIKA Concrete in the field of Engineering, Production, and Installation (EPI) of the concrete industry in Southeast Asia.

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