The Progress of Makassar’s First Elevated Tollroad by WIKA Beton

Highways or better-known as toll roads, are public facilities that have many benefits. One of them is to break the congestion an improve connectivity between regions. One of the toll road projects being undertaken by WIKA Beton is Toll Road A.P. Pettarani in Makassar. Howt is the progress of the construction, which is the first elevated toll road in Makassar?

A.P. Toll Road Pettarani began construction in April 2018
Expected to change the face of the city of Makassar, the first elevated toll road in the City of Lighthouse is expected to be completed in 2020. Toll road A.P. Pettarani is planned to start from the Urip Sumoharjo flyover to the Jalan Sultan Hassanudin T-junction. In total, the toll road will stretch for about 4.3 kilometers
Now, the progress of the construction of the Toll Road A.P. Pettarani has entered the final stages of preparation and licensing is complete

Since April 2018 until now, the progress of the construction of the Toll Road A.P. Pettarani has reached more than 25%
Only a few months ago, the progress of the construction has entered final stage. The preparatory phase includes site clearing, tree felling, road widening and installation of the Median Concrete Barrier (MCB) which began in the BMN Toll Area. While for the licensing stage, WIKA Beton as the main contractor has also resolved all licensing issues, both with government agencies and environmental services related to AMDAL. Per July, the project’s progress has reached 25%, meanwhile in August, the first erection of launching gantry has been done.

Makassar, get ready for the first flyover in eastern Indonesia, that’s predicted to release the congestion in the city.

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