Series of Hazards If Small Parts of Bridge are Lost

Have you ever heard of a case of bridges’ missing parts? Bolts, cables, and lighting are the smallest parts of a bridge that are often taken by irresponsible individuals. Whatever the reason, this act is clearly not justified at all because besides being detrimental, people are often unaware that there are series of dangers that threaten the feasibility of bridges.
If the Bolt is Lost, the Bridge Becomes Unstable and Easily Shakes 
The engineers must have calculations so that the bridges built can meet safety standards. But when the bridge is ready and opened to the public, often a small part of the bridge is taken by irresponsible individuals. One bolt. Although it sounds trivial, taking the bridge bolt is obviously very dangerous because it can cause the bridge to become unstable and easily falter.
Danger is Lurking If Cable is Lost 
Another part that is often missing is the electric cable on the bridge. If the cable as a distributor of electrical power is not available, the bridge then becomes pitch black and makes it difficult for users to cross the bridge. When officers want to make repairs they will also experience difficulties.
Apart from Cables, Mightings also Become Targets
In addition to electricity cables, the lighting on the bridge is also an attribute of the bridge which is often taken by irresponsible individuals. Certainly, the bridge will be pitch black when night. Dark conditions like this increase the risk of criminal acts. 
Although small, parts of the bridge are an inseparable entity. Both short and long term risks will lurk if irresponsible actions like this are not addressed.
Come on, from now let’s care for these shared facilities. If facilities are maintained, we also feel the benefits.


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