This is the Replacement Process of Railroad Concrete Sleepers

In Indonesia, railroad is one of the most frequently used modes of transportation by the community. Despite many other transportation options, trains always have their own charm. No wonder the train ticket especially when approaching the moment of a long holiday or holiday is quickly sold out.
As is well known, at the base of a long stretch of railroad there are sleepers to keep it comfortable. These train sleepers must be replaced regularly. In order to get to know about it, let`s see how the process of replacing the railroad concrete sleepers!
  1. First, the hook between the railroad tracks and the sleepers below it needs to be loosened first. Because the hook used in Indonesia is an E-Clip Hook type, it is necessary to use a special tool.
  2. After the E-Clip Hook is loosened, the part of the rail sleeper that wants to be replaced will be lifted apart. This process cannot be carried out all at once but per rail section.
  3. After the parts of the railroad are lifted, the old sleepers that want to be replaced are removed from the railroad track and replaced with new pads arranged neatly below them. The arrangement of these new pads cannot be done carelessly. There is a special count so that when re-installation, the railroad tracks remain straight and not curved.
  4. If new sleepers have been arranged, then the railroad is removed, and rearranged in order. Also pay attention to reassemble all components of the rail that is loosened.
  5. Finally, don`t forget to flatten the pebbles around the newly installed sleepers which serve to reduce the vibrations produced when the tracks are crossed by trains.
Because the process is indeed not easy and requires precision, this change process obviously takes a long time. This is all for the safety and convenience of both passengers and workers in the field.
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