WIKA BETON`s Strategic Business Unit reaches various Industrial Sectors in Indonesia

As a leading precast concrete producer in Indonesia, WIKA Beton business activities are highly developed in line with the rapid development of technology. Corporate events range from planning, production to installation of concrete products. Therefore, not only WIKA BETON  contributed to the infrastructure sector, but it also reached other areas, such as property, electricity and telecommunications, energy and power plants, other industries.⁣

Electricity Sector⁣

In 1980 WIKA Beton was the pioneer of making concrete electric poles in Indonesia. PT PLN, as one of the employers in the electricity projects in Indonesia, gives a lot of concrete pole work to meet electricity needs throughout Indonesia.⁣

Property Sector⁣

The property sector, which contributes many innovations, has also become an essential sector in the progress of WIKA BETON. Prefabricated products for buildings and housing are one of the innovations carried out to provide competitiveness with in-situ contractors. One of WIKA CONCRETE`s works is the product Column, Beam, Slab precast for the St Carolus Hospital Building in Salemba, Jakarta. In addition to building precast products, WIKA BETON also supplies Pile products & piling works using the inner Bored Pilling System method. The inner bore method applied in the construction process does not cause vibration, air and noise pollution and is environmentally friendly, so it does not interfere with the existing Hospital activities.⁣

Transportation Sector (Mass Transportation and Railways)⁣

Prefabricated concrete products from WIKA Beton also contribute to supporting various mass transportation infrastructure projects in Indonesia. WIKA BETON contributed to the Jakarta Phase I Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Project by supplying tunnel precast. In addition, in the Depok - Antasari Toll Road project, Wika Beton supplied box culverts and box girders in the Semanggi Simpang Susun project.⁣

 To support railroad infrastructure, WIKA BETON also supports projects within the Director-General of Railways, by providing infrastructure for railroad transportation. One component in question is the Railroad Bearing (BJR), Catenary Polishing, Turn-out, Scissor, and Railway Crossing.⁣

 Pier Sector⁣

Precast concrete is the right choice for maritime buildings. In general, maritime building construction must be resistant to corrosion generated from seawater, resistant to waves, and become the structure of the pier itself. Examples of WIKA Concrete products for Jetties: Stuck to Retain Waves, Seam and Slab precast for Jetties, and other precast components.⁣

 ⁣Energy and Power Plant Sector⁣

WIKA Beton also supports development in the energy and power plant sectors in Indonesia. This is proven by WIKA BETON`s participation in power plant and energy projects spread throughout Indonesia. In addition, it also supplies precast concrete products for the construction of 35,000 MW electricity projects.⁣

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