Jembatan Merah Putih: The Longest Bridge in Eastern Indonesia that Becomes an Icon of Tourism in Ambon City

As a pioneer in the concrete industry in Indonesia, WIKA Beton has a range of objectives in the implementation of each activity, one of which always produces strong construction so that the facilities built are able to provide security to the wider community. 
Like the Jembatan Merah Putih in the land of Ambon. It  was inaugurated in 2016 ago. Stretching along 1,149 meters, this bridge became the link between two areas, namely North Ambon and South Ambon or precisely Rumah Tiga Village in Sirimanu District and Hative Kecil Village in Teluk Ambon District. 
Jembatan Merah Putih, which has been established for more than three years, has succeeded in shortening the time and distance when Ambonese people want to go to Pattimura Airport. Before this bridge arrived, the people of Ambon city had to travel 35 kilometers within 60 minutes to get to the airport. But since the opening of this bridge, it only takes 30 minutes. With the presence of this bridge, not only traffic is increasingly smooth, but also helps increase the rate of economic growth in Ambon City. 
The natural beauty offered along the bridge is also a tourist attraction. When visiting there, we can enjoy the beauty of the Bay of Ambon for approximately 3-5 driving from end to end of the bridge The view of ships leaning on the port, the blue water in Ambon Bay until the lights flickering at night is an unforgettable tour .
So, don`t forget to stop by Jembatan Merah Putih if you vacation in Ambon. Don`t forget to always take care of these public facilities in order to create a sense of security and convenience.


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