Three Unique WIKA Concrete Activities in Makassar City

A.P. Tol Pettarani is the first elevated toll project in Eastern Indonesia. In addition to contributing to the construction of this project, WIKA Beton also presented a number of unique and different activities to this project.⁣

⁣On January 31, 2019, WIKA Beton planted 5,060 tree seedlings around the first elevated toll road project in Makassar, A.P. Pettarani This program, which is synergistically carried out with PT Bosowa Marga Nusantara (BMN), is a concrete manifestation of WIKA Beton`s commitment to protecting the environment around the project, in accordance with the principles of 3P (People, Profit, Planet).⁣

⁣On 23-26 April 2019, WIKA Beton also held a 2019 Basic Technical Training (PDT) for young WIKA Concrete engineers from various work units throughout Indonesia. The event was held in Makassar with the theme "Smart Engineers in the Millennial Era" to maintain the quality of reliable and competitive Human Resources (HR). A total of 36 participants consisting of young engineers participated in training activities to gain basic engineering skills. In addition, participants were also provided with insights on how to respond to the development of Industrial Technology 4.0 in the construction world. Not only in class, but these millennial engineers also visited the field, by visiting the South Sulawesi Concrete Product Factory (PPB) and the A.P. Layang Toll Road Project. Makassar Pettarani.⁣

⁣In addition, on the 2019 Youth Pledge Day, workers of the A.P. Project Pettarani holds a historical memorial. Workers commemorate Youth Oath Day by holding a flag ceremony over Box Girder P8-P9 of the A.P Pettarani Layang Toll Road Project. This ceremony was immortalized using drones and has been uploaded to Instagram @wikabeton.⁣

⁣At present, the A. Layang Toll Road construction project. Pettarani is still ongoing, and WIKA Beton increased production capacity from previously producing 10 Box Girder segments per day to 12 Box Girder segments per day. It is estimated, the Box Girder product requirement for the A.P.Pettarani Layang Toll Project will be fulfilled in April 2020 or 3 months earlier than the specified target.

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