WIKA Beton Doesn`t Stop at Supplying Products, but also Provide Concrete Installation

WIKA Beton is not only a pioneer in the concrete industry and produces a variety of items, but WIKA Beton also provides installation requests of concrete products.

1. Inner Bore System
The Inner Bore System is a foundation installation service, specifically the installation of concrete precast piles that are environmentally friendly. In its installation, this service uses two methods, namely Inner Bore and Earth Auger Slurry Excavation (EASE) Bore. The first method, Inner Bore, is used for piles with large diameters (1200mm, 1000mm and 800mm), whereas EASE is used for piles with smaller diameters around 600mm.

2. Launching Gantry
This is a type of installation service specifically for precast concrete blocks (Girder) and Box Girder components. Usually, Launching Gantry is required during the process of building bridges or overpasses. For the reason that this facility uses high-level technology, it becomes an accelerator for infrastructure development. Because in one installation, the Gantry Launching tool can be directly used for several pieces. It is no wonder that concrete installation can be done faster.

3. Post Tension
It is a service for the component system withdrawal of post tension structures, both unbonded and bonded. With experience and success in operating in various parts of Indonesia, WIKA Beton is ever ready to provide technical advice and services to solution needs according to planning.

The installation services offered by WIKA Concrete vary greatly because all installation services include vast multivarious concrete products that WIKA Beton has. Each clienteles are assisted with experienced engineers.

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