Formerly Using Wooden Sleeper, Now the Railroad is in Concrete Sleeper. Why?

Railroad is one of the most preferred modes of transportation for the people of Indonesia. Evidently, this land-based transportation is always crowded when it has entered the holiday season and it`s time to go home to the hometown before Eid.

Formerly Made of Wood
The Indonesian railway system has been familiar with railroad sleepers for approximately 150 years or precisely when Indonesia was still a Dutch colony. Sleepers on the railroad tracks are the foundation on which the railroad tracks are based. Usually these sleepers are fastened by a fastening rail so that when passed by the train is not shaken and loose.

The type of sleeper that was first used on railroad tracks in Indonesia is wooden.
The wood chosen is that one that has good fiber and must be more elastic than teak wood. Wood with good fiber can reduce vibration so that the speed of the train can be stable and run comfortably. Unfortunately these wooden pads have one drawback, which is they don`t last long! Especially if it`s already in the rainy season. They must be replaced frequently so the train can still pass safely and comfortably.

After Wooden Sleepers, Now Railroads in Indonesia Start Using Concrete .

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