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Engineering & Paten

Engineering supports Core Process in Wika Beton’s bussiness process in Marketing & Sales activity, Production activity and Installation & Service activity. The engineering activity dealing with issues of cost, producibility, quality, performance, reliability, serviceability, intended lifespan and user features.

We provide concept design, calculation and installation method for precast component as a services to our clients. with combined strength of our state of art engineering software and expertise in Precast industry and resourceful Engineers to handle projects will give stakeholders an edge to compete in construction market and be assured of best quality output with great efficiency.

In production, one important aspect is quality control. Quality control personnel are inspectiong raw material and concrete quality daily through the factory laboratory. Quality standards and mix design are esthablished by concrete laboratory which also carries out monthly evaluation on test result done by the factory quality control personnel. Beside raw material, quality control personnel will inspect production process and ready product as well. Inspection and test results are then incorporate in the factory certificate issued for each production. For some product such as Piles, Poles, Sheet pile and Sleeper we carried bending test to confirm design calculation with the actual product strength. If necessary and on request this bending test can be witnessed by the customer.

During installation, We can place an engineer as supervisor in site to assist the performing contractor in matters related to our product. Further more we also provide construction services such as pilling works , beam installation, postensioning works and other activity related to our product.

A lot of research programmes have been carried out especially with university accross the country and we contantly striving to develop innovative product and expand its number of patents. Below is a listing of our current patents which protected by patents in Indonesian Law :

1 P0026747

Pelat Beton Pracetak Berpenampang T untuk Lantai Jembatan Konstruksi Rangka Baja

(Double Tee Precast Slab For Steel Truss Bridge)

2 P0030243

Suatu Konstruksi Jembatan Bersama untuk Perlintasan Sebidang Antara Jalan Kereta Api dengan Jalan Raya

(Railway Highway Integrated Crossing Bridge Structure)

3 P00200500215 Tiang Pancang Wika Berpenampang Segiempat yang Dibuat Secara Sentrifugal

(Wika Square Spun Piles)

4 P00201300904

Sistem Sambungan Basah Tiang Pancang Berongga

(Wet Joint System For Hollow Concrete Piles)

5.     Sistem Sekat Penutup Beton Dinding Penahan Tanah

(The Concrete Cover System of Retaining Wall)

5 IDM000133527

Sistem Sekat Penutup Beton Dinding Penahan Tanah

(The Concrete Cover System of Retaining Wall)

6 P0201401033

Sistem Jalan Laayang dengan Pilar Pracetak Hollow, Kepala Pilar Pracetak dan Pile Cap

(Total Precast Concrete Component and Connection System for Elevated Highway Structure)

7 P0020140087

Sistem Jalan Laayang dengan Pilar dan Tiang Pancang Tunggal yang Menerus Tanpa Pile Cap

(Integrated Piles – Pier Structure for Highway Structure)

8 P0020140689

Sistem Dinding Penahan Tanah Menggunakan Pipa Beton Pracetak dengan Kupingan Baja

(Steel Connection System for Precast Retaining Wall)

9 P00201300603

Sistem Lantai Pracetak Ketebalan Penuh untuk Jembatan Komposit Beton dan Baja (Full Depth Slab System For Concrete And Steel Composite Bridge)

(System For Concrete And Steel Composite Bridge)

10 P00201200189

Sistem Angkur Mati Pasca Cor untuk Struktur Beton Prategang

(Fixed Anchorage Precasing For Prestressed Concrete Structure)