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Inner Bore System

Business unit that engaged in foundation installation service, especially PC Spun Pile with eco-friendly environment.

This system used consisted of two methods, are:

  1. For foundation with big diameter (PC Spun Pile Diameter 1200mm, 1000mm, 800mm) with Inner Bore System. Inner Bore is adopted method from Nakabori method, which is PC Spun Pile along penetration with laboring process in end of pile by smaller diameter auger than PC Spun Pile diameter. When reach hard subsoil , diameter auger siza become bigger than PC Spun Pile diameter for create cement soket in the end of pile.
  2. For foundation with small diameter (PC Spun Pile 600mm) with EASE method (Earth Auger Slurry Excavation) Bore. EASE Bore is innovation method from preboring method, but hole create more bigger than PC Spun Pile diameter so can create new interface form mix slurry cement-soil between PC Spun Pile  and existing structure subsoil. This method can using pile machine from inner bore method with changing the accessories.

With benefit from minim implementaton against vibrating and disturb the environment, Inner Bore System focus to instalation implementation in residential area and important installation building with to priority the quality of foundation support.