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Logo and its Philosophy

WIKA Beton Logo has been registered at the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Trademark & Patent, Ministry of Law & Human Rights No. RO14114/2014 and RO14115/2014 on the Extension Period of Brand Protection over Goods and Services on April 20, 2016.


Wika Beton Logo


Logo Explanation

WIKA logo derived from the Holding Company with the addition word of  “BETON” (Concrete) which identifies directly that the company is engaged in the main business of Industrial Concrete.

The blue color is the characteristic color that is used by WIKA Group. The blue color is also a symbol of innovation and technology.

The letter “O” in the word BETON describes the shape of one of WIKA Beton feature products, which is Centrifugal Concrete. Red circle in a word BETON describe piling products. The red color is to highlight courage and durability of the Company in conducting business with the latest innovation and technology.