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PC Poles

This Precast concrete products are manufactured in various types and sizes with prestressed and centrifugal systems. The Prestressed Spun Concrete Pole produced using centrifugal method constitutes the last generation of the electrical pole development in Indonesia.

This product can be used to:

  1. Electricity poles :  Is a concrete poles for power line network of low and medium voltage (220 V & 20 kV)
  2. Transmission poles:  Is a concrete poles for high voltage electricity transmission network (70 kV & 150 kV)
  3. Lighting poles:  Is a concrete poles for street lighting or stadium
  4. Telephone pole :  Is a concrete pole as a telecommunications cable network
  5. Antenna mast :  Is a concrete poles to place telecommunications antennas
  6. Flagpole :  Is a concrete is to place flag pole
  7. Electricity poles Rail Road:  Is a concrete poles for power lines to railway