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Social Empowerment



The Company’s policy on social responsibility to sustainably empower the community is implemented by paying special attention to community welfare development, both physically and non-physically. It is performed by determining accurate program and provides maximum benefits according to the needs as mandated by the prevailing laws and regulations.


The Company assigns every operational managment in every areas to launch programs that are relevant and benefited to the surrounding community. In order to ensure the programs are implemented directly and sustainably, the budget used is included in the factory overhead budget in each areas.

In 2016, some of the activities conducted by the Company in society field included education, surrounding community empowerment, charity, local workforce utilization, social facilities improvement, worship facility development, and other donations. The total cost are Rp700.434.720.

CSR Planning


Other CSR/Partnership Program of the Company in the field of social and community is by conduct tree planting activities in the environment around the work unit of the Company. Meanwhile, the CSR programs implemented directly prioritizing the basic needs of people around the work unit, house renovation, fish hatcheries, cleaning rivers, pave roads/ social infrastructure through the provision of sludge that is used for street paving and etc., and provide assistance in rural development around the location of the Company’s operations. In the education sector, the Company provides the opportunity for field work practice, research for universities and schools, provision of educational assistance to some students, and college students who meet the requirements, as well as providing assistance in the construction of educational facilities around the work unit of the Company. In the health sector, the Company also provides assistance to developing public health through health institutions around the area of operations and also carries out regular blood donor activity. In the religious sector, the Company is also contributing its share in the construction of houses of worship around the area of operations of the Company.